1What lifespan does the Fibreglass have?

It can last up to 15 years, depending on how well the customer looks after the pool. Obviously the customer must look after the product like with any other superior product on the market. The balance of the pool must be kept within acceptable range as per prescription. The pool should NEVER be emptied out and left standing dry for any period.

2What is the prescribed chemical balance of the Fibreglass pool?

The pool water has to be balanced at all times, although the Fibreglass pool is much more resistant against chemical misuse than a M/lite pool, it will lengthen the lifespan if kept in balance. The balance is PH reading of 7.2-7.4. The Alkalinity should be between 120-150 PPM. Chlorine levels 1-3 PPM. The local pool shop should be able to assist in testing and correcting these values when needed.

3Why do Fibreglass fail in pools?

The persons doing the work do not know what products and method to use when doing the Fibreglassing. Experience have taught us which is the best way of doing Fibreglass linings and also which products to use. We thus use a reputable Resin supplier with 40 years’ experience in the Resin industry. It is easy to cut prices when you install inferior products with cheap labour.

4Will I be happy with my Fibreglass pool?

There is approximately 10 000 pools Fibreglassed throughout the years, thus, if all those customers were unhappy, we would not have been in business anymore.