Fibreglass vs Marbalite (or Gunite)

Benefits of Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing versus Marbalite or Gunite are endless. Relining your pool with Fibreglass should be the only option to consider.

Save Money
Because Algae does not stick to Fibreglass, you will use significantly less chemicals and cleaning products.

Better Swimming Experience
Fibreglass never become rough (like M/lite does) throughout its lifespan and thus no scuffed or bleeding feet when swimming . Fibreglass is a better insulator and thus retains heat better.

Easy Maintenance
If repairs are required, only the problematic section needs be repaired. You do not need to re-do the entire pool like you do with Marbalite.

Longer Lifespan
Pools that have been resurfaced with Fibreglass last twice as long as Marbalite pools.